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Cryogenic Insulated Vacuum Jacketed Flexible Hoses

Flexible Cryogenic Transfer Hoses Stainless Steel Insulated Vacuum Jacketed flexible hoses for transfer of liquid nitrogen. It consists of two concentric tubes separated by a spacer. The annular space between the tubes is sealed and insulated under high vacuum ideally 10-6 Torr to withstand the temperatures of -250 0 C.

It consists of pre-fabricated customized line sections which are connected by vacuum jacketed couplings. Tees, crosses, end traps, vents and phase separators allow a variety of system configurations.

Line sections are made in as per requirement of the customer. The inner tube is sized for required flow.

Our Vacuum Jacketed Hose Assemblies are the most cost effective and thermally efficient method of transferring liquefied gases:
  • Nitrogen
  • Hydrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Helium
  • Argon
  • Other Natural Gases
Vacuum Jacketed hose is two pipes in one, an inner-carrier hose in which the cryogenic liquid is transferred and an outer-hose that supports and seals the vacuum. The inner-hose is wrapped with a multi-layered super insulation that prevents radiative heat transfer.

The annular space between the inner-hose and the outer-hose is evacuated, preventing convective heat transfer. The resulting hose is the most efficient transfer system available for cryogenic liquids.

  • Safety
    • Outer surface is safe to touch
    • Reduces frost, hazardous ice and dripping water
  • Lower Cost
    • Reduced cryogen losses
    • Reduces maintenance costs
    • Highest quality liquid delivered to the use point
  • Durability
    • Up to 10 year vacuum integrity
  • Customizable
    • ¼” - 2” inner hose
    • 150 psi standard design with higher pressures available
    • Long lengths
    • A full assortment of end fitting options
Technical Data given below:

1 – Available only with Braided Outer Covering.
For stability and longer life of the hoses it is advised to get outside hose to be braided.
  • Certifications Provided
    • Pressure Test Report – Hydro Test
    • Helium Leak Test Report
    • Material Test Report
    • Vacuum Test Report